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Back to Safety

Daisy likes to lay across the bed in my guest room and survey her kingdom from the window. From the back, it looks like she is simply relaxing or sleeping. But, when we watch her face, it is very clear that she is alert. She is constantly looking for anything moving that may invade her realm. The problem comes when she sees something outside of the fence that she really wants to chase. Daisy doesn’t really like the fence separating her from a good chase. I generally have to watch her and make sure she hasn’t discovered a new way to escape the fence.

Something completely different happens, though, when there’s thunder, fireworks, or any other loud noise. Suddenly, Daisy has no interest in getting out of the fence. She doesn’t even want to leave the house. In those moments, she runs as fast as she can to the house (and then normally my closet or bathroom). For all Daisy’s enthusiasm and search for adventure, she knows where she is safe and where she belongs.

Throughout the book of Psalms (as well as other places in the Bible), God is referred to as our refuge. In Psalm 46, we read, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (verse 1). The psalm celebrates God as our strong fortress and hiding place. In contrast, Psalm 52 details what happens when we seek our own stronghold instead, and speaks of destruction.

I am so thankful for my safe haven. As much as I love life and want to experience all that God has for me, unexpected and unseen dangers are all around me. In God’s fortress, I find safety and protection from those dangers. The more I learn about God, the more I trust the refuge He offers.

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