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Paradigms and Principles

Back in January. I decided that I wanted to focus this year on building better habits. Maybe you experienced this too, the whole world shut-down, pandemic situation has allowed me to develop some less than useful habits. Not habits that were necessarily bad or sinful, but habits that were not overly productive, especially if you're… Continue reading Paradigms and Principles

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My last college class before turning to teaching high school is Fantasy Literature. We are reading a short variety of fantasy books as we discuss what elements make fantasy different than other types of fiction. One of the books we are reading, a personal favorite of mine, is C. S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters. If… Continue reading Undulations


Changing People

The other day I saw a post on Facebook that I just couldn't ignore. Normally, I don't engage in arguments, especially political ones online, but the comment was just so absurd and so out there that I couldn't help myself. Admittedly, I was perhaps a little more snarky and condescending than I should have been.… Continue reading Changing People



When the journey feels tedious and I'm tempted to disengage, I will look at my memorial stones and remember that every part of the journey provides an opportunity to purposefully grow closer to God.


I DO deserve a donut!

I DO deserve a donut! I've been fighting this line of thinking often recently. I am an emotional eater and a mindless eater, which is a bad combination when you are stuck at home while the world seems to be exploding. The "Quarantine 15" has replaced the "Freshman 15" - and I know I'm not… Continue reading I DO deserve a donut!



If I stopped moving, the panic attack would take over and I would fall apart.  Fear and anxiety were consuming my thoughts, controlling my emotions, and sending me in a tailspin. Wide awake at 3 am, dreading one little block of time - one event that was both necessary and terrifying - I knew that… Continue reading Sufficient

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Change of Plans

Four years ago, I got a Jeep Cherokee. I call her Shawna. She was brand new when I got her, probably the only brand new car I will ever own. When I got Shawna, I had a vision of what my life would be. I believed that I would be pregnant sometime soon. I saw… Continue reading Change of Plans


New Adventures

I'm teaching a World Literature class right now, and we have read several epics from different ancient cultures. While we greatly overuse the word "epic" in our vocabulary’s today, the form of the epic speaks of grandeur and magnitude. Of great heroic traits and adventures. Throughout these ancient epics,  our epic heroes go on extreme journeys… Continue reading New Adventures

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Imaginary Animals

My sister and I have always been animal-lovers. We went through a phase in late elementary/early middle school where if we found an animal that seemed (to us) to be lost or in distress, we brought it home. My mom was not thrilled. Even earlier than that, though, with our vivid imaginations, we had imaginary… Continue reading Imaginary Animals


Comfort in the Uncomfortable

I have lived in my house for eight years. I watched it being built, picked cabinet colors, arranged (and rearranged) the furniture, and made decorating decisions. After my separation, I made changes again and reclaimed space for myself. My home was a safe place, a place of retreat, a place where I could completely fall… Continue reading Comfort in the Uncomfortable