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My last college class before turning to teaching high school is Fantasy Literature. We are reading a short variety of fantasy books as we discuss what elements make fantasy different than other types of fiction. One of the books we are reading, a personal favorite of mine, is C. S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters. If… Continue reading Undulations


One Job

We have one job. Just the one.


The Difference of a Year

I have a hard time rereading my journals sometimes. Even before I started blogging, I was journaling often. Many of the entries are full of despair. The following is an entry from exactly a year ago. It isn't refined or edited (except for spelling and grammar - I couldn't help myself). But this is an… Continue reading The Difference of a Year



This is not the post I planned on writing. I normally take some time to really think about what I'm going to write, how to best convey my story, and pray about how God can use my words. Tonight, I'm just writing. I'm having a rough night. You know, if I can speak candidly, there… Continue reading Crossroads


Resetting My Counter

Have you ever seen those counters that employers have in their offices or warehouses that say when the last incident was? They read something like, “Accident free for ____ days.” or “Days since last incident -- ____.” Sometimes, I think I need one of those for my emotions.It’s been __________ day, ________ hours, and ______… Continue reading Resetting My Counter