Today, I am thankful that God is Incomprehensible. I will never fully understand God, and that's okay. If God could be fully understood, He wouldn't be God.

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Great Expectations

“Suffering has been stronger than all other teaching, and has taught me to understand what your heart used to be. I have been bent and broken, but - I hope - into a better shape.”Estella, Great Expectations Irony is one of my favorite literary elements to teach. We define irony as the discrepancy between what… Continue reading Great Expectations


I DO deserve a donut!

I DO deserve a donut! I've been fighting this line of thinking often recently. I am an emotional eater and a mindless eater, which is a bad combination when you are stuck at home while the world seems to be exploding. The "Quarantine 15" has replaced the "Freshman 15" - and I know I'm not… Continue reading I DO deserve a donut!



If I stopped moving, the panic attack would take over and I would fall apart.  Fear and anxiety were consuming my thoughts, controlling my emotions, and sending me in a tailspin. Wide awake at 3 am, dreading one little block of time - one event that was both necessary and terrifying - I knew that… Continue reading Sufficient


I don't know who, besides me, needs this reminder, but whatever today brings, God is more than sufficient.


Handling Worry

How do you handle anxiety? Me personally, I like to eat my anxiety away. However, Jon and I are trying to get healthier and lose weight. Crunching on cucumbers is not nearly as satisfying as downing a box of cookies.  My other go-to way of dealing with anxiety is shopping. That's what I chose yesterday.… Continue reading Handling Worry

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Change of Plans

Four years ago, I got a Jeep Cherokee. I call her Shawna. She was brand new when I got her, probably the only brand new car I will ever own. When I got Shawna, I had a vision of what my life would be. I believed that I would be pregnant sometime soon. I saw… Continue reading Change of Plans

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New Goals

6 weeks ago, I became a mom.  To a 10 year old and an 8 year old. I became their mom by marrying their dad.  Yes, they have a mom already, who they spend the majority of their time with.  But, on April 18th, I became their mom as well, and I became just as… Continue reading New Goals


What comes natural

Such a proud puppy My dogs caught a squirrel. They chased it down in the yard and caught it. About a week ago, we set up some garden mesh fencing to block the dogs from playing in the poison oak growing in the back of the yard. After two weeks of having an unexplained allergic… Continue reading What comes natural


New Adventures

I'm teaching a World Literature class right now, and we have read several epics from different ancient cultures. While we greatly overuse the word "epic" in our vocabulary’s today, the form of the epic speaks of grandeur and magnitude. Of great heroic traits and adventures. Throughout these ancient epics,  our epic heroes go on extreme journeys… Continue reading New Adventures