For Sale

I am in the process of decluttering my house. I want to rid myself of useless items and objects from a previous life. Maybe I will refinance the house, maybe I will end up moving instead – either way, I’m ready to purge the house. Hopefully, I can make a little money in the process.

I started with a few eye-sores in the back yard. I’m trying to sell a broken riding lawn mower and an old, slightly rusted, grill. Neither of these are high-dollar items. But I am tired of looking at both. I listed them on the app OfferUp and am actually getting a decent response. I’m paranoid, though, so I have been arranging people coming to look at these items around Jon’s schedule so that I’m not alone at the house when strangers stop by. Tuesday night, someone came by to look at the grill. He wanted to buy it, but couldn’t take it in his current vehicle so he was going to come back on a different day. Perfect.

Well, today he messaged about coming back. Jon wasn’t available, but my mom was with me and the guy had already looked at the grill and discussed it with Jon. Easy.

As I am helping this man move the grill from the backyard to his van (in the rain), he stops in my driveway and starts inspecting the grill. At this point, we’ve already agreed on $10 less than my asking price. He begins telling me the issues with the grill and then says that he doesn’t want it after all. After we’ve already taken it half way to his van. In the rain.

Fine, whatever. Inconvenient, sure, but whatever. I start taking the grill back it it’s spot. The man takes over, telling me that he’ll move it back. He ends up jerking part of the grill off the legs, rattling the entire base and causing the bottom drip pan to fall out and partially break. He picks it up, puts it inside the grill, and just keeps going. At this point, I’m pretty annoyed and frustrated. He finishes moving the grill and mutters something about being sorry. I tell him flatly that he gave the impression that he would be buying it today. He said “ok” and left.

Now, I’m sitting in my house stewing. I vented my frustration to my mom and to Jon in a text message, and I’m here beating myself up for somehow ruining the done deal. Apparently, I can’t sell stuff. I’m annoyed because I could have told the man to wait until Jon was available to come get the grill. I’m annoyed because I could have made the man pay me before starting to move the grill. I’m annoyed because I could have taken a different offer yesterday. I’m annoyed because selling a used grill for $40 should be easier than this.

However, in the midst of all this annoyance, I find myself wondering – is this situation really worth all the energy I’m investing? Is this worth being frustrated over? Is it worth criticizing myself over? Um – no, no it is not.

I’m not a salesperson, and nothing in my life changes by this deal falling through.

I don’t have to be good at sales. I don’t have to make $40 off this grill.

My life is the exact same as it was three days ago, except now I’m letting a piece of metal steal my contentment.

Not worth it.

As I continue to pursue a correct view of myself and others, I have come to recognize how much I let little, mundane, insignificant things control my peace.  No thank you. No more.

Was this inconvenient? Yes. Now I have a good anecdote to share as I continue to attempt to sell some things. But my contentment isn’t for sale.


One thought on “For Sale

  1. Hang in there!!! (((Hugs))) I’m not good at selling stuff, either. That’s why I give it away. LOL I did sell purses and items on eBay when Chris first left, because I was desperate. The less desperate I become, the easier it is just to give it away. 😂😂😂 I cant sell Avon, Mary Kay, chocolate bars…. nothing. I didn’t get the gift.

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