Three Little Pigs

I got caught in an Internet hole. 

Not the normal trap that most people get sucked in to. YouTube and Netflix had nothing to do with this. It was Craigslist. 

I went on to Craigslist for a very innocent reason. I was looking for a good deal (meaning free) on gravel or rock for my backyard. I was browsing through the free stuff section, when I saw something I couldn’t live without. Actually, 3 things that I couldn’t live without.

Pot-belly Pigs. 3 of them. 

Did you know that you can breed them and sell the piglets for between $100 and $250? And someone was just giving them away! And they are adorable. And I have a pretty big yard. It is a great money-making opportunity. Plus, how adorable!

I was super excited, but as I shared my thoughts with Jon, he was, well, less enthusiastic. 

“You’re not serious, right?”

“Well…kinda. It’s like a side business.”

“Where are you going to put them?”

“In my backyard.”

“The backyard we just cleaned up?”

“So there’s more room now.”

“Didn’t you say your HOA had a problem with chickens? Aren’t they going to have a problem with pigs?”

Shrugging, “It’s different.”


“Did I mention how cute they are?”

“Did you just send them a message about the pigs?”

“Maybe. Yes.”

I texted my mom and sister for reinforcement of my great idea, and kept scrolling through Craigslist. Puppies! Kittens! Bunnies!  

Look, baby cows!

At this point, a hand reached over and closed my laptop. “I don’t understand what’s happening right now, but it’s time to get off Craigslist.”

img_1143Would you believe that my mom also questioned my budding desire to raise pot belly pigs in the backyard of my suburban home? My sister was more supportive. Full disclosure, she lives on a farm. And she was right beside me when we were kids “rescuing” every living thing we stumbled across. 


Truthfully, I love the idea of having all the animals. There is not a single part of me that wants to work a farm, however. There’s the conundrum. I guess I need to continue to be a responsible adult, and just visit a petting zoo on occasion.

As I keep studying truth and lies, another lie that I’ve encountered is, “Follow your heart.” Said another way, follow your passion. Follow what you desire. The implication is that if we just pursue whatever we desire, we will be happy. 

Or, we can end up with a yard full of pigs.

We aren’t very fond of temperance. I don’t mean the character from Bones. We love her. I mean the idea of restraint or self-control. 

“A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls.”  Proverbs 25:28 ESV

We need self-control, though. My example may be silly, but the principle applies to more serious circumstances. To rely fully on our hearts (passions) is to live focused on ourselves, and will often cost others greatly. Too often we let ourselves believe that self-control is punishment, or that it strips us of our fun. Proverbs speaks of self-control as a fortification against attack. Each decision we make has consequences, and when we live in the moment, following our passion, we often fail to consider if the action is worth the consequence.

We would all benefit from weighing the cost a little more before acting impulsively. 


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